Ariens Deluxe 30 EFI Snow Blower For Sale CT

4 Advantages To An Ariens Snow Blower With Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) Why Purchase An All-New Ariens EFI Snow Blower?! Here's 4 Reasons:

Start Smarter:

No more choke, no more primer, no more pulling until your arm falls off. EFI Starts in two simple steps. Just turn the key and fire up on a single pull in any condition at any temperature.

Sip Fuel:

Carburetors are not very efficient in how they atomize fuel and normally consume more fuel than actually needed. Ariens EFI engines create a more fuel efficient combustion making every drop of gas count.

Knowledge is Power:

Ariens EFI machines feature an electronically controlled governor to eliminate speed loss, delivering consistent throwing performance and ultra-quiet idle.

EZ Does It:

Unlike carburetors that are exposed to the outside elements, EFI is a completely sealed system and eliminates maintenance costs. It won’t gum up in the off-season, so you can pack it away with peace of mind!

One thought on “4 Advantages To An Ariens Snow Blower With Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)”

  1. I have literally been looking at different snow blowers all day for my company because the good ole shovel won’t cut it anymore! I was completely un aware that there were so many snow blower brands/machines out there, but from what I can tell Ariens does look like one of the better brands. Wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what I ended up going with!

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