AC Repair Heating Repair Connecticut

At Paul’s Auto Repair we our ASE Certified mechanics are fully equipped to handle all of your automotive A/C and Heating System problems – all year ’round. Not only is your heating system important for your comfort factor, but it defrosts your windshield so that you can adequately see while driving, especially in the winter. If your A/C system is not working properly, it cannot properly control the humidity inside your vehicle to make sure the windows do not fog while driving…this is true in the summer and winter. Here at Paul’s we are constantly working to make sure all of our customer’s vehicles are in optimum working order so that when inclement weather is upon us, you and your vehicle are prepared.

The heating/cooling system of your vehicle operates by pushing anti-freeze through your engine block to cool the heat created by moving components in your engine. Dissipation of this heat through a component called the heater core allows us to have heat while we drive. The cooling system primarily consists of hoses, a thermostat, a radiator, a water pump, and a heater core. Some systems are more involved than others, but the general purpose is the same…keep the motor cool; and keep the passengers warm!

The A/C system is completely separate from the cooling system, but they both work together to achieve a stable and properly maintained humidity inside of the vehicle with the use of a blower motor, mode doors, and blend doors behind the dashboard of your vehicle. The A/C system typically consists of a compressor, condenser, evaporator core, receiver/drier/desiccant/, and aluminum/rubber lines. Again some systems are far more complex than others, but the main goal is to keep the humidity down, and your body cool! If you are doubtful these systems are working to their full ability, we are here to help.

Paul’s Auto Repair offers the following A/C and Heat Repair Services: