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Looking for a trusted oil change in East Hartford? Having your oil changed regularly is probably the easiest, cheapest and most important ways to keep your car running well.

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Think of oil as the means of life for your vehicle; lubricating, reducing friction, and creating a ‘liquid buffer’ between pistons, rings and the cylinder walls. It does all this while assisting in the cooling of your engine parts. The basic reason for changing the oil regularly is that new oil prevents carbon and varnish buildup, which would be lethal to the engine.

East Hartford Oil Changes

Oil comes with categorization representing its viscosity, which is its resistance to flow. With multi-grades, the first number designates the way the oil will stream when it is cold. The lower that number, the lighter the oil is, and the better it will flow in the cold. The second number tells the thickness of the oil in heat. A 5W-30 oil will flow as a 5-weight at zero degrees and a 30 weight at 210 degrees. The easiest and safest way to find out which oil is best for your specific car is to read the owner’s manual, or talk to one of our mechanics at Paul’s.

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Why are Routine Oil Changes Important?

Regular oil changes are just part of owning a car. When you skip a meal, your body lets you know. The same is true of oil changes: you can either give your car what it needs to keep working the way it should, or watch its performance slide. Each car is different, but you’ll typically want to consider an oil change every few months or so, along with a wheel alignment and tire rotation. Each East Hartford oil change comes with a new oil filter, too, to keep your oil working the way it should for as long as possible.

What Does Motor Oil Do?

Your car’s engine is a harsh environment. Motor oil keeps its parts running smoothly, and it helps take some excess heat away from your engine. Think about it this way: your engine is powered by tiny little explosions that force its pistons up and down in their cylinders. Even when you’re sitting at a red light, your pistons are chugging away a dozen times a second, and they work much harder when you pick up speed. All of these parts are made of metal, and motor oil keeps them from grinding against each other and wearing out. All those explosions and all of that friction creates enough heat to melt your engine, and motor oil helps carry an important amount of that heat away before it builds up.

How Often Should I Change My Oil?

No one schedule fits every car and every driver. A couple of generations ago, vehicles were less efficient and motor oil technology was less advanced. Cars needed their oil changed more frequently. These days, cars typically need less frequent oil changes. Consult your vehicle’s manual for the oil-change schedule recommended by its manufacturer, or just bring it down to Paul’s Auto Repair and we’ll provide you a recommended oil change interval for your make and model.

What if I Miss an Oil Change?

Nothing good. Over time, oil breaks down and loses viscosity, or thickness. Each engine needs oil of a certain viscosity, and when your oil becomes too thin, it can’t protect your engine the way it used to. At the same time, oil naturally picks up dirt, dust, and other contaminants, even when you’re not driving your car. When your oil filter stays around too long, it can’t remove those contaminants quickly enough. When you go too long without an oil change, you risk permanent damage to your engine through heat stress and the extra wear and tear caused by dirt in your oil.  You can change your oil now, or replace your entire engine in the near future. Paul’s Auto Repair can do either…but we’d rather just change your oil and keep you rolling 🙂

How Much do Oil Changes Cost?

Not much in the grand scheme of things. The cost of an East Hartford oil change reflects the cost of oil itself, the filter and labor. Stop by or give us a call today to ask about our oil change pricing and services!