AC Repair Connecticut


You rely on your vehicle’s air conditioning system to get you through the worst summer weather, but keeping your AC performing at its best can be a complicated task. Oil changes and tire rotation can go a long way toward preserving your vehicle’s performance, but your AC system is so complex—and so far out of the way—that it takes a real expert to diagnose poor performance and fix things when they break down.

Paul’s Auto Repair can handle any quirks or problems your air conditioner might throw at you, from warm air instead of cold to weak air pressure and even complete system failure. We draw on more than 25 years of experience to understand your car’s systems and give your AC system what it needs to hold up to the heat of a Connecticut summer.

Automotive Air Conditioner Repair and Recharge in East Hartford, CT

When your air conditioner can’t keep up with the weather, bring your vehicle to Paul’s. Our certified technicians will diagnose your system’s problems and recommend the right course of action. AC systems can wear down over time, and we can often deliver instant results just from a quick evacuation and recharge. Other problems are more complex, but no matter what ails your air conditioner—from refrigerant leaks to worn hoses and loose fittings—we’ll identify what’s wrong and fix it quickly, getting you back on the road in style and comfort.

Air Conditioner Service

Your vehicle’s AC system can’t fix itself, and little problems tend to grow into big ones. That’s why Paul’s Auto Repair offers a complete array of routine maintenance and service on your vehicle’s AC system, whether you drive a foreign or domestic car or truck. We start by giving your air conditioning system a complete inspection, including all hoses and lines and your compressor and condenser. After replacing any failing components, we clean the entire system and test it under real-world conditions. Once we hand your keys back to you, we want you to enjoy the comfort you deserve.

Your Auto’s AC Delivers More Than Just Comfort

If you’ve lived through a Connecticut summer, you already know that you’ll be depending on your vehicle’s AC system for the year’s hottest weeks. But your AC system does more than just keep you cool. Its filters keep your cabin’s air clean and safe, and a properly functioning AC system dries the air in winter months, helping prevent windows from steaming and frosting over from the inside.

Why Your AC System Needs an Inspection

All auto AC systems run on a fixed amount of refrigerant, and the typical vehicle uses 15% or so of that amount each year. You’ll run out of refrigerant eventually, and you don’t want that moment to come as a surprise.

The compressor, fans, and hoses in your vehicle’s air conditioning system naturally wear down over time, too. Regular inspections and preventative maintenance can keep you up to date on your AC system’s condition and help solve little problems before they grow into catastrophic ones.

When is it Time for Auto Air Conditioning Service?

Before your vehicle’s AC system shuts down completely, it will let you know that something isn’t quite right. It might start blowing air less briskly than it used to, or blowing hot air into your cabin when you’d asked for cold. These problems usually present themselves gradually. Whenever you encounter them, your vehicle is telling you to have the problem looked at by a certified technician.

It’s wise to tie regular AC inspections into your vehicle’s regular maintenance schedule. Some owners have us look at their air conditioning systems every time we change their oil, or on every other tire rotation. At minimum, plan on having a qualified mechanic examine your AC system once or twice a year.

Auto AC Inspections Made Easy

Paul’s Auto Repair has been helping drivers throughout Connecticut for more than 25 years. We know the extremes that cars have to put up with in our state, and we offer a full range of maintenance and repair services to go along with the detailed inspection we give to every vehicle that enters our shop.

Your vehicle’s air conditioning system is easy to overlook…until it’s too late. Left unchecked, something as simple as a refrigerant leak or a leaky hose can put your system’s compressor under stress that it wasn’t designed to handle, and all of a sudden, your system fails completely. Don’t let that happen to you. Give us a call or visit our online scheduler today, and learn how Paul’s can keep you driving efficiently and comfortably.