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Buyer Beware! (Part 1 of 2)

When you are buying a vehicle, new or used, beware of factory service that is “free” for “X” amount of years. Also beware of “extended warranty” plans that dealerships try to sell to you when you are buying a used car. I will go over each scenario to educate you (the consumer) on what you are actually purchasing, and what you are actually getting. Here goes!

When you go to your local dealership to buy a brand new car, there are very few around these days that won’t try to sell you on a “free service” for “X” years. If you actually think this service is free then they have successfully sold you on the package before you walk in the door. You are most definitely paying hand over fist for this service up front…and it is rolled into your final price. Tell them you want the price of the car without all the “free” service….see what they say. The truth is these services are usually over embellished, over priced, and under delivered. Then there is a whole separate set of reasons why you should consider these packages. Are they doing the required work when it is brought in for service? Are they overlooking things that may only surface with problems after you are out of the factory warranty? Are they taking care of real issues while under warranty? It is good to ask questions and ask for representation. In the wonderful and technologically advanced world we live in there is almost complete transparency in most service industries. People expect and almost demand it. Ask for parts, pictures, old fluid, video of the repair process…whatever makes you feel like you are getting what you pay for. And beware of the word “free”. If it is to good to be true….it usually isn’t.

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  1. I am in the process of buying a new car and I want to be informed before I make any decisions. I thought that these warranties were a good thing, but you are telling me that it is a scam? Why wouldn’t a warranty be a good thing?

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