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Car Battery Corrosion

Most people do not realize this, but battery maintenance is very important, especially with the development and common use of aluminum components on today’s engines.  Ever have that fuzzy business on the top of your battery terminals that your grandfather may have showed you how to clean off with a little Coca-Cola or baking soda and water?  This is actually battery acid (tiny droplets) that leak out over time.  There is sealants used to prevent this from happening (that we use when you have your battery replaced at Paul’s Auto Repair).  However if the battery is leaking a lot,  the problems can be far more involved than just a battery.  You could have a hard time starting your vehicle, hard time allowing the alternator to charge the battery, and can even cause internal engine damage!!!  Yes! I said internal engine damage!

Believe it or not, aluminum is a very reactive metal.  Just to give you an idea of how reactive, they use aluminum dust to launch rockets into outer space.  Your car will not launch into outer space though…don’t worry.  But engine coolant acts as a ground when it travels through your engine.  When battery acid fumes are wafted under your hood when the cooling fans kick on during driving, the fumes can make their way into you coolant reservoir or expansion tank and start to circulate through your engine.  From there, the coolant can start to become a path of destruction.  The Ph of your coolant can become very acidic, breaks down the coolant properties, destroys the protective chemical elements and can cause serious deterioration of head gaskets, thermostats, water pump impellers, radiators, heater cores, etc.  Poor cooling means that the engine runs at a higher temperature and can start to break down viscosity of engine oil.  Do yourself a favor and find a good garage that follows regular manufacturer service intervals and general inspections that include checking these things.  At Paul’s Auto Repair we check things like this during a regular oil change!

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