East Hartford CT Auto Repair Blog - Changing Your Vehicles Fluids For Certain Seasons

Changing Your Vehicles Fluids For Certain Seasons

During the course of 12 months, the northeast region of the United States can see vast changes in temperature that most other regions will never see. When this happens, recommendations for factory fluid changes can really be off the mark. Checking the integrity of these fluids and making sure they are doing their job is crucial. Drastic changes in temperature have a very big impact on the viscosity of most oils, and how they perform when the vehicle is running. Engine coolant has a factory rated interval for service that we have seen range from 2 to 5 years depending on the manufacturer. However, over the years we have seen a substantial reduction in the life of some these fluids. Having these fluids checked regularly is an easy and cheap way to cut repair costs in the future, and ensure a longer life for your vehicle. At Paul’s Auto Repair these fluids are checked and tested regularly when you come in for a routine oil change. A little now can save a lot later on!

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