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Car Air Conditioner Tips

With Spring almost here (although it doesn’t quite feel that way) we wanted to put together some helpful tips to keep you cool during the summer months.  If you need any help with the following be sure to contact Paul’s Auto Repair

  • Run your A/C Regularly:  Once in a while (even during the colder months) be sure to run your AC System for a few minutes at a time each month.  Doing this will help keep your system lubricated and all running smoothly. We know it can be difficult when it is bitterly cold but making this part of your routine could save you hundreds in repairs.
  • Check Refrigerant Level:  Whenever your vehicle is serviced be sure to check your AC Refrigerant level.  Having the right amount of refrigerant in the system is crucial in keeping your AC System working properly. If your Refrigerant level is low it means poor lubrication and poor lubrication causes system failure.
  • Troubleshooting and Repair:  The following are common issues if you’re AC is not quite cool or you are without cool air completely:
    • No Cool Air
      • Loose or broken drive belt
      • Inoperative compressor or slipping compressor clutch
      • Defective expansion valve
      • Clogged expansion valve, receiver-drier or liquid refrigerant line
      • Blown fuse
      • Leaking component: any of the parts listed above or one of the A/C lines, hoses or seals
    • Insufficient Cool Air
      • Low refrigerant charge
      • Loose drive belt
      • Slipping compressor clutch
      • Clogged condenser
      • Clogged evaporator
      • Slow leak in system
      • Partially clogged filter or expansion valve


If you find yourself stuck in the heat this summer be sure to give us a call!

14 thoughts on “Car Air Conditioner Tips”

  1. I didn’t know that be running your A/C even during that cold months would keep it lubricated. That is good to know. I will have to remember that for the fall and winter seasons.


  2. I didn’t know it was important to run your ac all year. I will have to do this a couple times this winter. I would hate for it to go out and not have it come next summer.

  3. The first step to lessen the AC’s work is to park in a shaded spot. We know you won’t find one every time, especially in huge parking lots, but keep in mind to always try and park your car in shade.

  4. Thank you for this article. As an HVAC expert, I’m starting to get requests for air conditioning repairs in car systems, so I appreciate your information. While most of Southern California doesn’t have to deal with this issue, we do have some mountain dwellers who have to deal with snow and actual winter months. I will pass along this article to clients – once again, thank you!

  5. The main cause of an automotive A/C cooling problem is no refrigerant in the system. If the refrigerant has leaky compressor or pinhole in the evaporator or condenser, then the leak needs to be identified and must be repaired before the system is recharged. After going through your article I personally earned enough about the maintenance of A/C of a car. I did not know that A/C should be in a running condition in winter even for a shorter period of time which would be helpful in the process of lubrication. I used to drive cars for 5 years. I have also come across many situations like this. I also want to share some key knowledge like
    1) Suppose the clutch works but fails to turn on the compressor, it means compressor has seized and needs replacement.
    2) Wrong lubricant generates noise from compressor. If the noise is continuous then it indicates that the compressor is on its way out. Etc.
    So, keeping all this in mind everyone should take proper care of their car A/C which will save their money in future.

  6. A faulty car air conditioner can be one of the most difficult issues to diagnose and also to repair. One of the most likely cause of car ac problem is cooling problem which is due to no refrigerant in the system. If the refrigerant has escaped by a leaky compressor then it need to be identified before the system is recharged. Here, in the following I want to mention some of the commonly overlooked car air conditioning issues.
    1)Moisture: If the moisture contaminates the air conditioner then it fails to cool the surrounding.
    2)Pungent odor: Bacteria, fungi can be developed inside car ac when it is not in use, which can produce pungent smell. Etc.
    So, whatever may be the issue it must maintained properly for it smooth performance. Your blog describes some of the useful car air conditioner maintenance tips. I love the whole content of your blog and I would like to say that car air conditioning system is responsible for our comfort during the hot summer, so, it should be regularly inspected and taken care of properly. Thank you.

  7. Your advice to regularly run your AC system for a few minutes several times a month, even when it’s cold, is a great idea. This could not only keep it lubricated so it runs smoothly, but it could also help you notice any problems earlier. The sooner you notice problems, the sooner you’ll be able to take a broken auto AC into a repair shop so that you can get it fixed before there’s too much damage.

  8. That’s good to know that your car needs the right refrigerant level in order to work correctly. I’m looking into getting my car looked at before the summer to make sure it’s in good condition for road trips, so this is really helpful. I’ll have to remember to get my refrigerant levels checked to ensure the air conditioning will work when we’re traveling.

  9. You made a valid point when you said that having the right amount of refrigerant is crucial to a car’s AC system. Consulting with a repair technician is the best way to go if your AC stops working. The air conditioning in my friend’s car has been faulty, so I’ll help him find an auto company in town that can get it fixed in no time.

  10. I love your tip about how loose or broken drive belts can hurt your car. I think some of my belts are loose because I keep hearing a shake. I’ll have to consider getting a mechanic to fix my car and make sure everything is okay.

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